Mike Marshall's Cyber Scrapbook 2000

Sharon's Bathroom Remodeling/Christmas Present

Mike "The Toolman" Marshall tears into the fake, plastic tiles and Santa Fe themed walls.  The closet will be turned into a shower.


The shower wall takes shape and I begin to become aware of my own funk.


The shower is now ready to remove some funk.


Note the ceramic tile detail around the the top of the shower.  Bob Vila would be so proud.


You cannot imagine the sound a cast iron tub, in a little room, makes when you WHACK it with a sledgehammer.


9 studs counting me.


There is something very scary about gluing tiles to the wall knowing that in order to get them off you would have to tear down the wall.


An hour later this is what it looked like.


The Throne will be the only item left after the hostile makeover.


The accent tiles were purchased from a tile outlet/fireworks store off of I-75 in Georgia. 


The Throne is now ready to receive the royal tushie.


The winter wonderland view from the Throne!


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