Mike Marshall's Cyber Scrapbook

U.S. Junior Chamber Annual Meeting 2000 Chattanooga, Tennessee


National Presidents - Past, Really Past, Present and Future


Look we have the same barber!


I did not get an award for my Hula Dancing ability.


Nice Hats!


Indiana Popcorn Pushers


The referee commits a personal foul!


Two for me. One for you.


Mark gives a spellbinding speech.


Amy, Ann and Cheryl think it is a more of a curse than a spell.


2000 Chapter Presidents a chillin'


Presidents with visions of Kulps dancing in their heads.


The Plan - Sharon will distract the kid and Amy will grab his hotdog.


It is easier to see 7 states from Rock City when these people get out of the way.


Mike & Sharon at Lookout Mountain


Some real comic characters.


Entrance to Ruby Falls.


Never underestimate the power of underground flatulence.


All smiles underground.


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