Mike Marshall's Cyber Scrapbook


Mike & Rick's Excellent Rocky Mountain Adventure


Adventure Recipe - one mountain, a rental van, blue skies and a whole lot of stupid.


The knobby little mountain in the background is named Cheyenne. It's home of NORAD the Strategic Air Command. Armed guards, "a shoot to kill order," and lack of time kept us from visiting that quaint little hill.


The roads in Colorado were a little rough. I am pretty sure this violated our rental agreement.


Rick discovers a new mountain peak. After much thought he claims it for Britain and names it Rick Mountain.


Mike peers into a deep, dark, geological, formation and discovers...




After much pushing and shoving I free Rick and discover a two small children.


Nature called. I answered.


I'm thinking you should, right click your mouse, click on save as wallpaper, and enjoy this photo every single day.


Rick strikes a pose to lure unsuspecting mountain goats back to his place.


Wow! Aspen trees in the Fall.

Rocky Mountain High Colorado.


OK, Rick just take one more step backwards.


I'm thinking this is the stuff they make Coors with.


Mike Lewis and Rick Clark on top of the world.


Photos taken in Colorado Springs, Colorado Garden of the Gods and mountain between Cheyenne Mountain and Pike's Peak.


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