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Houseboat Cruise 2000

July 14-17th, 2000

Patoka Lake, Indiana

Lick Fork Marina

Houseboat Cruise 2000 Skiing - Page 2

Houseboat Cruise 2000 Lounging - Page 3


June & Ward Cleaver


Rick hogs the umbrella


Advances in medical science should allow doctors to separate this Siamese couple.


Two of the lake's finest Mexican chefs.


Tim is constantly checking the results of Bev's eye surgery by waving his hand around and asking, "How many fingers?"


Shortly after this photo was taken Derek mistook the dinner bell for a wedding bell and jumped overboard.



Houseboat Cruise 2000 Skiing - Page 2

Houseboat Cruise 2000 Lounging - Page 3


(Comments overheard on the cruise)

Is this the liquor cabinet?

What he says he's got is real long.

Us 3 old bastards ain't putting it upstairs.

Do you soak 'em before? I've never tried it that way.

Shuck it first baby!

Do an inventory in the morning and see if there's any shrinkage.

It's not that one.

Phyllis fed the beaver.

Mark has desert every time he gets to feed the beaver.

You can touch mine with your fingers.

I thought it was open. As long as there's glass in the hole I'm happy.

There is nothing worse than hitting a screaming beaver.

You gotta bonk it a few times or you can't get it in!

I really didn't tie it in a knot I just wrapped around a hundred times.

Look! It just keeps coming out.

Why don't you just jerk it out?

I'm not trying to touch every one.

Get off me… I have to turn over!

I'm feelin' as I'm coming…

It's time to get up and go to bed. Where am I now? The living room.

What is the opposite of shrinkage?

Want a little dribble honey?

That's a beaver eater!

Nothing like a slabby do-dad!

It's slippery and wet up there.

I played with the knob and it should be turned on.

Phyllis had the little do-dad out earlier.

Why is my side of the bed wet?

I can't move it is running down my leg.

I see the head now.

I need somebody to light my fire.

He's easy but he's not cheap.

I'm not sure my legs will spread that far apart.

Oh no it is an eclipse. Look out for the meteors.

You can't go to bed until I pee in case it sticks.

I had to whack it 4 or 5 times today.

The little thingy doesn't stay up.

Diane always needs me. (Pookie)

Houseboat Cruise 2000 Skiing - Page 2

Houseboat Cruise 2000 Lounging - Page 3

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