Jason Bessenger's Prom Night 2000 


Here we see our hero Jason sporting delightful attire from Pimps-R-Us


Our hero was devastated when, Diamond, his first choice for a prom date said, "I don't think so!"


Luckily a phone call to "Mail Order Dates" solved the problem.  Mail Order Dates allows you to order two dates and return the unused date for a full refund.


Jason prefers, the color red, a hard body, with nice curves, and some junk-in-the-trunk.  

He also took this nice girl - Kelly


Jason had thought about taking this older, classic model but changed his mind.


Jason, The Limo Driver and Kelly prepare to leave.


Jason's Mom whispers lovingly into his ear, "You make me a grandma and I will rip your lungs out and wave them over my head like a flag, have a good time."


Jason wonders if he should have dug a little hole and had her stand in it before this picture was taken.


Always the gentleman, Jason opens the door for himself and tells to Kelly she will have to push start the car.


My name is Bessenger, Jason Bessenger and I have a license to thrill.


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