Local Presidents' Summit 2000

Dear Jaycee Leader,

I have posted photos from the LP Summit 2000 and reprints of your group's "A Jaycee Story." It was an honor to serve as a trainer for such an outstanding group of young leaders.  Please check out my Jaycee Favorites page for stories, quotes and Jaycee articles.

Best of success,

Mike Marshall, ITF

Chapter MISSION STATEMENTS created by the Presidents attending the 1999 USJCC LP Summit

1999 LP Summit Participant's Survey Results

LP Summit 2000 Photos


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If you want to build a ship, then don’t drum up men to gather wood, give orders, and divide the work. Rather teach them to yearn for the far and endless sea. -- Antoine De Saint-Exupe’ry


LP SUMMIT 2000 PRESIDENTS' Friday Afternoon Session

It was a dark and stormy night. In the wonderful, beautiful city of Tulsa, OK.  The Presidents of Local Jaycee chapters met.  The topic of the weekend was to discuss how we can make our local chapters better.  Nudity is not an option.  The Nudity Clause being inserted due to past problems with the Greenfield, WI chapter.

We have dreams and ideas and stuff to bring back to are chapters.  Discussion regarding the Clause was heated and there was division among the chapters.  Since power comes from Bold Dreams, all Chapter Presidents finally agreed to reinstate the Clause.  Indeed all Chapter Presidents wish to be the best.  In order to be the best, we must listen to all who need to speak including said Nudity Clause.  The Chapter Presidents were given the opportunity to help their chapters, states and the Jaycee movement to grow through training.

It will be a difficult task as there will be many obstacles to overcome.  The Presidents knew would had to be done.  The ability to speak with their peers and share problems and resolutions was extremely valuable.  With the newly gained tools and energized spirits, we were ready to share our training experience in our home chapters.  

But, we have a lot to think about, before we share all this information with our fellow members.  So, 200+ Jaycee Chapter Presidents went to the best training in the nation at Tulsa, OK.  They listened closely and eagerly participated in the training sessions that would help them improve their local chapters.

Then on the Seventh Day they rested; which was worth absolutely zero Parade of Chapter points.  Despite the lack of points, we came away with a greater wealth of knowledge (and our clothes on, thanks to that Clause).  Even though some learned a lot they wanted to take off their clothes off and learn more.  We came away with a wealth of knowledge, but some forgot to write it down.

One cold afternoon, a young president named Sue looked back over her notes and realized that she had learned the greatest secret of Jaycees.  A large group of Chapter Presidents sat in a room on Friday afternoon and had a session of great training from the funny Mike Marshall!  The lights go out.  The weekend will be full of bonding and learning many problems were solved, including how to make money with the "No Clothes" Clause.  

With half our members being part of the Strippers Union it was a tough task.  Trying to figure out where to carry their membership cards was troubling.  Even more interesting was asking them to pick up their cards without using their hands!  This would pay some ladies way through college.  These women could have people sign the membership forms when they pick them up for them.  And through this great membership tool we increase our clothing optional chapters membership.  Then Mike wanted to interrupt our Drinking Time by assigning us homework for the evening, Ha Ha Tee Hee.

The End!

LP SUMMIT 2000 PRESIDENTS' Saturday Session 1

It was a dark and stormy night.  My flight was already 2 hours late arriving in Tulsa.  I was on my way to an exclusive gathering and training session for Chapter Presidents but, my mind was not on the upcoming event.  The airline sent my luggage to Las Vegas.  I was an outcast because I was naked all weekend!  However, as I was walking through the lobby of the hotel, I felt as if no one noticed that I had no clothes on.  It was extremely obvious that the weather was cold outside.  Luckily I have no problem with shrinkage.  Based on old Jaycee lessons one can be creative with towels and duct tape.  This solved me clothing problem for the time being.

I had just finished lunch and took the shuttle to the mall.  There I ran into an old lover.  I walked up to her and opened my arms and gave her the famous Jaycee hug.  She looked at me with shock and amazement.  She had realized that I was now a changed person.  But, alas it was time to register.  Wouldn't you know it, they spelled my name wrong on my badge.  But it really didn't matter as I refused to pierce my chest in order to wear it, since I still only had a towel and duct tape.

I then proudly went to an exciting orientation, with my name badge now attached to the towel I had on, and got to sit right up front by National President John.  John smiled and greeted me with a short congratulations on my recent sex change which was one of our chapter's most successful Individual Development projects.  I stood up to accept the congratulations of the U.S. Jaycees, the towel fell off and revealed the mistakes from which my chapter learned through this project.  I, being the think-on-my-feet Jaycee that I am, turned the mistake into a learning experience for all in attendance.  I stood up and introduced myself as, "Pat."  "As you can see," I said as I picked up my towel, "The Jaycees offer opportunities to people of all different types of ideas."

So whether your a "Pat" or a "John" there is always a place for learning whether you have clothes on or not, or if you are male or female.  Everyone learned a lot about each other over the past few days.  We are a group of young, very disturbed, leaders.  We need help!  Especially if your name is "Pat" and you can't find your towel.  I would like to see the Impact Statement from that C.P.G.  Especially what kind of impact it had on the community, so if you feel alone and unwanted - Join Us!

The End!

LP SUMMIT 2000 PRESIDENTS' Saturday Session 2

It was a dark and stormy night.  President Jim Bob had 15 members renewing in March and only 5 had committed to renew.  So knowing they would lose 10 Jim Bob got his board excited and they recruited 10 new members.  Out of the 10 new members, eight of them were 39 years old and would be turning 40 within 8 months.  Out of the 8 new members that would be turning 40 in 8 months, 4 of them signed 1 new member each.  One of the new members stepped up and shared a Bold New Vision for the chapter.  Jim Bob decided to throw a party in Room 826 after the Casino Night, to celebrate.

He talked to the new member (our bus driver) about this Bold New Vision, and convinced him to chair this celebration, using the Vision as a theme.  Jim Bob's new member had so much FUN that he spread the Jaycee movement to 3 other bus drivers.  Jim Bob recruited the 3 bus drivers and after he swore them in they all said, "Wazz Up!"

The following day the bus drivers formed a committee of 10 Jaycees and they set out to run a fundraiser for the Junior Chamber Mission Inn.  With that successful fundraiser they were able to fund a Junior Chamber Mission Inn in each of the 50 states and Puerto Rico to help enrich the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS, by providing education, resources and the commitment to help others.  At the Annual Meeting in Chattanooga the 10 Jaycees that were responsible for the "2000 Junior Chamber Mission Inn Fund Raising Spectacular" received beautiful wooden plaques.

The "Jim Bob Jaycees" were so excited about their accomplishment for the Junior Chamber Mission Inn that decided to create a new Emphasis project for the U.S. Jaycees and the new Emphasis Project is...  The Wazz Up Society!  This is an innovative new young peoples group ages 1-20, being primed to become the "Next Generation Jim Bob Jaycees!"  The Wazz Up Society consists of Trac(y), (ey) & (i) wannabes but, only a chosen few willing to take a dare and complete the "dog house" initiation and make the cut.  

Our future projects include...  An event so spectacular, so exciting and innovative.  An event never before seen in Jaycee history... 

An event destined to secure the future of the U.S. Jaycees.  The Wazz Up Society will bring...

A futuristic new transportation system that did not require drivers so the members could utilize their travel time doing project planning.  The new transportation system worked great and the Wazz Ups started planning a new project called... "Wazz Up America."  The program "Wazz Up America" went on to sky rocket fortunes by having buses to transport people from one area to the next.  On each bus the members of "Wazz Up" pampered all of its passengers with gourmet food, luxury seating, and 1st class treatment.  

Unfortunately, the bus driver and passengers met with an untimely demise when aliens from the planet Zorg conducted anal probes with...  

Origami, penis folded cloth napkins.  When the sheriff's department investigated the crime scene they discovered a C.P.G. written in Jaycee Zorg language on...

The project on coming to Earth and taking over the Jaycee organization because it is an organization that...

All started when one alien named Mij Bob asked the pilot of the spaceship bound for Earth to join their Zorg organization because they needed to recruit members for... An organization similar to the Jaycees, that existed in Zorg, the planet the aliens were from.

The End!

LP Summit Participant's Survey 1999

In order of importance to you and your members rank the following national priority projects. (1 being the highest and 6 being the lowest)

Number of First Place Votes

  • 40 Votes - Junior Chamber Mission Inn (JCMI)
  • 30 Votes - Entrepreneurs Program (JCCBA)
  • 18 Votes - Social Security Reform
  • 14 Votes - Jaycees Against Youth Smoking (JAYS)
  • 9 Votes - Shooting Education Program
  • 9 Votes - Outstanding Young Farmers (OYF)

Weighted Averages

  • .21% Junior Chamber Mission Inn (JCMI)
  • .19% Entrepreneurs Program (JCCBA)
  • .18% Jaycees Against Youth Smoking (JAYS)
  • .15% Social Security Reform
  • .13% Shooting Education Program
  • .12% Outstanding Young Farmers (OYF)

How often should the national organization change its national priority project?

  • 12 Votes - Each calendar year
  • 27 Votes - Every two years
  • 54 Votes - Every 3 to 5 years
  • 30 Votes - Five years and up

Who should determine the national priority project? (choose one)

  • 20 Votes -The Local Member
  • 41 Votes - The Local Chapter
  • 67 Votes - The State Presidents and National Executive Committee

The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce should focus the majority of its staff and financial resources on? (choose one)

  • 16 Votes - The Local Member
  • 50 Votes - The Local Chapter
  • 9 Votes - The State Organizations
  • 52 Votes - Public Relations

Which of the following statements best describes the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce? (choose one)

  • 3 Votes - Community Service Organization
  • 9 Votes - Leadership Training Organization
  • 74 Votes - Leadership Training through Community Service Organization
  • 39 Votes - Community Service Organization that Provides Leadership Training


We are an association of young people ages 21-39 that creates tomorrows leaders through the use of community projects.

We are the premier leadership development organization for people ages 21-39 accomplishing this through project management, community service and friendship.

To become the organization of choice for young adults between the ages of 21 and 39 to grow as a person, citizen, and leader through leadership training and community service.

To be the ultimate young persons organization for improving the quality of life in our community while fostering fellowship and synergy in our members.

To provide a platform for young people to network, grow and develop leadership skills.

We are an organization of young people who provide the opportunity for leadership and learning through community service and team work.

To provide young people the opportunity and knowledge that allows them to succeed as individuals, leaders and as a community.

An organization that provides opportunities for fraternity, community service and individual development for young people between the ages of 21 to 39.

To create a better world, by empowering young people. Everything we do must encourage young people to become members and to take full advantage of our world class fellowship, community service, and leadership training opportunities."

Since 1921, the Grand Rapids Jaycees have been providing young people ages 21 to 39 the opportunity to expand their horizons of professional opportunities while providing service to the community.

The Yuma Jaycees instills life and leadership skills through real-time Community Involvement; Business Management; Personal and Public Growth and intense Social Interaction.

In an environment that fosters true friendship, we offer the best opportunities for community service and leadership development to young Americans, age 21-39.


Great Chapter Presidents are the cornerstone of our organization's success!

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