Mike Marshall

A Personal Mission is Possible

Everyday I focus on making a positive impact upon every person that I met. One thing that nearly all business experts, consultants and CEO’s agree upon is that in order for a business to stay focused it must have some type of mission statement. A mission statement tells everyone how you will do business. It sets your business apart from the competition. A concise mission statement contains one to three sentences that clearly communicate how your company will serve and relate to it’s customers. This statement communicates how the company will interact with customers. Another key element is that it is understandable to people who are not familiar with your business and what it does.

I believe that people should have their own personal mission statements. Just as a mission statement keeps a business focused on how it treats its customers a personal mission statement should keep you focused on how you treat the people you come in contact with, during your life. I had the opportunity to attend a training seminar about 5 years ago. The instructor asked, "If you died today what sentence would your family, friends and fellow Jaycees have inscribed upon your tombstone, that would sum up your life?" In essence they would write your life’s personal mission statement.

I could write a few for some people that I have met over the years. I can think of one person who’s life mission statement would probably read "This was a miserable person who never hesitated to find fault with everyone they met." Or this one that would accurately describes a good friend, "They treated everyone like they had a unique gift or special talent to discover." What would your co-workers, family and friends write about you? If you do not determine your mission statement the world will decide for you.

My personal mission statement says, "I will lighten and brighten the life of every person I meet." There have been times when I have strayed from my personal mission statement. Maybe I was tired, or preoccupied with my own problems. However, it seldom lasts long because I stop and remind myself of my personal mission. Mine is an easy one. It is easy to make people laugh, smile or feel better about themselves and what they are doing. Sometimes just listening can lighten their load. I am truly convinced that when I stray from my mission statement its simplicity and my belief in it makes it easy to get back on track. It is a simple tool that has helped me over the years.

Take a moment and write down your own personal mission statement. Use it to guide your behavior. Apply your personal mission statement to all aspects of your life and especially those that will continue to move your family, business and/or association in a positive direction.


Mike Marshall


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