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What is PRIME?

Who can take PRIME?

Testimonials from PRIME Participants.

Do I have to stay the entire weekend?

What is the cost?

Will my employer pay for me to take PRIME?

Where are can I go to take PRIME?

What is PRIME? PRIME is an interactive, train the trainer, type seminar that teaches you presentation skills and facilitation techniques that allow you to better communicate, coach, and train adults.

The JCI Coaching Course, is a two-and-a-half-day seminar and the first-level training course for Junior Chamber International coaches. This course can be your practical guide to implementing sound personal and leadership development programs in order to create positive change. PRIME builds confidence in presenting complex information in clear and engaging ways and increases the ability to motivate others. Additionally it develops communication skills and teaches people to look at new situations with an open and positive mindset. 

Who can take PRIME? PRIME is designed to present new and interesting challenges to Junior Chamber members who have little or no experience in training but who want to develop coaching skills for use in their chapters, community, and workplaces. Any Jaycee interested in coaching or individual development is welcome to attend this course. Each PRIME course must be attended by no less than 12 individuals.
Testimonials from PRIME? Comments from PRIME Participants:

Would you believe that my new boss, after chatting with me about PRIME, decided to let me create a 4 day training program and teach it? I've spent the last two days training. I'll be done on Saturday. Anyhow, thought I'd let you know since you trained me. I'm having a great time and my boss is pleased (he sat in on day 1). My new job has now changed and I'm in charge of training new traders as they come into the firm.
Thanks for all of your positive energy.


I had a wonderful time...thank you very much!!!


I would like to thank you for all your help and support. I think going
through PRIME with you as the coach was the best experience I could have
asked for. I joined the Jaycee's while you where National President, so I
never had the opportunity to work with you. I am glad I had that opportunity.

Thank you!

In Jaycee Spirit,


Thank you, once again, for sharing your time and talents with us. I know
that the time I invested in PRIME training has made a powerful impact on me.

You are a great coach and I am honored to have had an opportunity to learn
from "the master!"

Thanks again- Roberta

Thank you again, for taking time out of your schedule to train in Minnesota. It was truly a pleasure working with someone so experienced in this art -- you made it look very easy. You truly know what it takes to get people energized (even us non-morning folks). This has been the highlight of my Jaycee career so far, and you're an absolute gem!

Take care and keep in touch!


Just wanted to let you know that I got my first taste of being the trainer this weekend at our Summer Board Meeting. And I have to agree with Sue -- PRIME really DOES work!!


Thanks again, Mike, for a great class/weekend! It's funny -- working with the children at church and with members of our chapter, I was already implementing the tools -- I just didn't know it. Now I'm more aware of each individual person in my classes and know how to better give them what they need. You're the greatest!


Do I have to stay the entire weekend? Yes! A total of 24 hours in 2 days of training must be allocated for PRIME. Additionally, participants will be required to work on assignments at night. PRIME participants should plan no other activities for the duration of the course.
What is the cost? Registration for PRIME typically runs between $50 and $100. Additional costs may be incurred for housing, travel and some meals.
Will my employer pay for me to take PRIME? Many employers will pay for their employees to take the PRIME course. Training of this caliber, intensity and length can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,500 in the private sector. In addition the small class size and certified coaches insure that each individual receives excellent training.
Where are can I go to take PRIME? In the United States PRIME courses may be conducted in conjunction with a national meeting. In addition many PRIME courses are conducted by state organizations and even chapters. Contact your state president for more information about PRIME.


PRIME Coaches and Participants have fun.


PRIME encourages you to get "out of your box".


A PRIME Graduate takes with them improved facilitation skills and increased confidence.


Click here for more information about PRIME - The JCI Coaching Course.

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