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PRIME Head Coach

Assistant Coach Project Chairperson

Mike Marshall

Leigh Anne Good    Tina     Hawkins

PRIME The JCI Coaching Course

PRIME is an interactive, train the trainer, type seminar that teaches you presentation skills and facilitation techniques that allow you to better communicate, coach, and train adults.

 Frequently Asked Questions

"When I get done coloring I'm going to get out my little rug and take a nap."


"I'm not going to sit on the floor. These are my new pants!"


Looks like an ad for toothpaste!


Two photos - One great class!


"I'm the ghost of PRIME!  Be very afraid!"


"We need more stuff!"


Homework!  I love homework!


Gravity seems to be pulling stronger, today.


"MAN!  That's a powerful overhead projector!"


"Magic Flipchart tell us what to do."


The Magic Flipchart said, "Line up."


"Slept late - Feel great!"


"We are bonding now."


PRIMEtime Graduates

Oh, the places you'll go!

Mike - you were an awesome "Head Coach." You are a captivating speaker! I would love to work for you or at least be able to train with you.

Leigh Anne - You did a great job on your first assignment as a PRIME coach. You seem to be an inspirational young woman. I wish there had been more time to get to know you.

I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to take part in this great class.

Both coaches were great. I would take another class from either of them, again.

The principles learned could be applied with the Jaycees and everyday life.

This has been a great learning weekend for me.

Incredible program! I learned more in 20 hours than in the last year. The program is good for training, meetings, group work and can be applied in many, many places.

Super job! Exciting! Interesting!

I really enjoyed this growth weekend.

I now know that people are my #1 resource not just a book or other material sources.

These are skills I can utilize in Jaycees and the workplace.

Hi Mike,

Now that I have caught up with my sleep, I really appreciate what I 
experienced last weekend! Thank you for your contribution to that.

Beverly S.

Thanks again Mike! I really gained a lot last weekend. I have already put some of the things to use. For example: we were proofing our web page for our company this week and I remembered what you said about using PRIME and Jaycee terms--we were using "manufacturer's terms" and we made some changes. 

Last night at our membership meeting, I used some of the presentation 
skills and techniques in my report--eye contact, asking questions, etc. 
It's cool how this stuff really works!! I knew I learned a lot, but to see 
it in action is very exciting.

Thanks again!
Wishing you a restful weekend!
Amanda C.


Behavior has changed! We had a general membership meeting last night. Ann Marie and I worked all week on the program for the meeting making sure that we were appealing to all of the learning styles in our group. We developed a program on activation and through our P.R. efforts, had almost 50% of our members present for the meeting (We have been averaging 20-30%). Milton came and spoke on motivation. We then did a program on activation. The meeting
ended with a game derived from our 3rd trimester projects. Before we left, we had chairman for 20 of our 25 3rd trimester projects. We even ran over our 1 hour limit by 45 minutes and no one was complaining.

An uncle of mine made a lot of sense when he said....
"Anything that you learn is yours forever and can never be taken away. Seize the opportunity and thank those that are willing to share their knowledge with you."- James Gilmer Wood

As I told Leigh Anne earlier this week, give yourself a standing ovation. You deserve it.

I would inflate your ego a little more but thanks to you, I have 20 chairman that have attacked my voice mail and inbox so I have to run.

It was great meeting you and hope to get the opportunity to work with you again.

Chris D., President
The Mount Airy Jaycees

Learning has not taken place until a behavior has been changed.
Mine has been changed.

Thank you,

Richard G.

INSTRUCTIONS:  A pad of paper was passed around to each participant.  They were asked to do the following:


It was a dark and stormy night. In the woods, twenty-four lost and confused Jaycees wander aimlessly about. They found a clearing in the woods where they stopped to assess their situation. A calm suddenly overcame them as a plan was formulated. But when they looked upon the plan for guidance they realized, the plan stunk! So at 2:00 a.m. they started over.

They did not scrap all their ideas because the basic premise lay underneath. They rolled up their sleeves, sat down and pulled out their trusty laptops. As the coffee started flowing, so did the thoughts and the Jaycees were amazed at what they were experiencing. But suddenly, they realized they had run out of coffee, and with that, they lost momentum.

With the lost momentum, the twenty-four Jaycees regrouped and reevaluated the premise and had a new beginning. They realized the new beginning required more coffee - and some chocolate. In ten minutes the juices were flowing, the group was interacting and supporting each other. Knowing that all was not lost they worked deep into the night on their new plan, with the hopes of completing the task by morning.

One of the Jaycees waved a stick and parted a small creek. When the creek parted, it opened up into a beautiful forest with pretty flowers, bright bushes and giant shade trees.

Jaycee Leigh Anne walked up to Jaycee Mike and asked, "would you like a bite of my apple?" The Jaycees awoke and realized that they had fallen asleep during their visualization exercise.

They stumbled upon a treasure chest with some food items. A chest full of collards, brussels sprouts, turnip greens and beets were what the group found. The twenty-four Jaycees took the chest of food and went to the local homeless shelter to prepare a home cooked breakfast for homeless children before returning before 9:00 a.m. to present their project.

They found that they were more of a team than they thought each had something special to share and bring to the group. Feeling tired and hungry and needing rest the twenty-four Jaycees boarded JC-1 (The U.S. Jaycees Blimp) and lifted off into the great beyond. Seeing the Jaycee blimp, hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians (between the ages of 21 & 39) felt overcome by the impulse to join a great leadership and community service organization. Thousands rushed Jaycee State Headquarters - ALL JOINED UP!


If you want to build a ship, then don’t drum up men to gather wood, give orders, and divide the work. Rather teach them to yearn for the far and endless sea. 

-- Antoine De Saint-Exupe’ry

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