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PRIME Head Coach

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Mike Marshall

Tina Hawkins

Denise Gold

PRIME The JCI Coaching Course

PRIME is an interactive, train the trainer, type seminar that teaches you presentation skills and facilitation techniques that allow you to better communicate, coach, and train adults.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Participants begin the class by grazing at the well-stocked buffet.


"It is all about Me Charts"


The ACs (artistically challenged) begin to panic.


"I am the master of my Me Chart domain."


"Watch closely as I use my marker to stir the water in the invisible glass."


"I wonder if Daniel is going to try and set me on fire this weekend?"


"What was he saying about Plumber's Crack?"


"If I graduate maybe they will let me draw at the big table with the big people."


"A cold front is moving into the area and we could see a little precipitation associated with that front."


"I have this funny feeling someone is secretly stalking me."


Richard, VP




PRIME is a hands-on, participative experience.


"Why yes, My imaginary friend is enjoying his backrub."


The Panthers - Project Team


The Cougars - Project Team


The Lions - Project Team


The Tigers - Project Team


NC PRIMEtime Graduates 2001

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Thank you again for the PRIME Training that you brought to Winston-Salem.  I really learned a lot about myself and my future audiences.

Thanks for your help -
Kelly E. H.

Mike, I did compete in an impromptu speak up competition at a chapter
meeting this week, which I would not have done before the class. I grabbed
their attention by moving around the room and using the members as examples
in my speech. How's that for learning how to keep the attention of the
audience with only 15 minutes left in an hour lunch meeting :-)

Richard L.

Hi Mike!

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience at Prime Training. You
are an excellent trainer. I can see why it is your career. I can honestly
say that it was the most enjoyable and informative seminar I have attended.

Thank You!

My first training is this weekend. I'm teaching wreath-making in the
crafts portion of our regional ID College. I hope I'll be able to use some
of what I've learned. Maybe I can put the students in buzz groups to
brainstorm ideas on how to decorate their wreaths!

Catherine F.


I hope you're doing well. I didn't realize that for the bargain cost of PRIME we got priceless training AND bonus follow-up! Thanks.

Christine B.

... until behavior is changed.

I am working on the Team Problem Solving seminar I am going to teach at our 
professional conference in September, and I had planned to list that statement on one of the first introductory slides.

The method I am going to use to involve people is have a sort of Mad-Lib fill in the blank sheet so by the end of the seminar, they will have a written plan for the team meeting, including purpose, agenda, and problem solving tools.


Hey everyone!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I've really been on fire since I got back home on Sunday! ;>) 

But seriously, I'm pleased to report that I applied one of the lessons we learned this past weekend to a real life situation.  Thanks Mike and Tina! :>)

Thank you for your Congrats wishes and your words of wisdom. I'm glad I got to be a part of your class before you "retired". 


On behalf of all the Jaycees in NC, congratulations to the 2001 Prime Graduates. We are truly proud of each and everyone of you. You had a tough weekend but you shinned brilliantly. You are a awesome group and I am glad you all made it.

Suzette P.

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