Mike Marshall


"In a world of cynics and stuffy people who take themselves much too seriously, Mike Marshall is a breath of fresh air."

"Even when giving the driest topic, Mike has the unique ability to draw his audience to the edge of their seats and to keep them there."

"Thank you for the stimulating presentation. Your delivery was excellent. I am recommending that you be invited to one of our VOTE leadership meetings."

"Mike Marshall, the fun-loving, hard-working national president of The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, might be the perfect representative of the Jaycees. He had a serious message in a humorous speech."

"Mike represents qualities of effective leadership, a personality which puts the good of the organization ahead of ego needs... I find him to be a most likable and trustworthy person...."

"Great job! I appreciate the way you mingle with us when we have breaks. It really adds meaning to the training and validity that we have something to offer."

"What a great experience to get a dose of you! You are a wonderful trainer. Your anecdotes inspire all of us."

"Mike without a doubt you understand the sound principals of management. I think there is a vast marketplace for your talent."

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