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Training Services

Ask yourself these questions:

Is your team focused on activity rather than productivity?

Are you asked to do more with less?

Are you frustrated by rapid change?

Do you need to keep your people on the cutting edge of leadership and management?

Having trouble getting some of your teammates off the bench and into the game?


If so, read on...

the 21st Century Leadership Institute was founded to fill a void in the market place by providing an alternative to the mass produced, seminars that are usually presented in an impersonal, auditorium or large group setting.

The auditorium setting provides very little opportunity for genuine interaction between the participants, and even less between the facilitator and each participant.

The advantage of our approach versus the canned, auditorium style is the priority given to interaction between all participants, facilitators or coaches, and the value added to the experience by the contribution of all the people involved.

Look to 21st Century for an experience that is valuable enough to justify the cost and the time away from the job. We use proven adult learning techniques that emphasize learning by doing.


The 21st Century Mission:

Our mission is to help you more effectively utilize your most important resource - people.

We provide learning that will significantly increase your employee's ability to perform at their full potential. This is accomplished by providing Adult Learning Experiences (ALE's) in the form of group training or personal coaching sessions, all custom designed to meet your specific needs.


21st Century Leadership Institute

Why choose us?

You need to get more productivity from your #1 resource – people.

Our performance coaches will custom design a session or a series of sessions to fulfill your specific needs. The first step is to analyze your specific situation, through the use of appropriate assessment tools. After all, no problem can be solved, or behavior changed, until you actually know the cause.


What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing. -Aristotle

Our facilitators utilize highly participative and interactive Adult Learning Experiences to allow participants to discover new insights together, at their own pace. This enhances the learning experience without the use of lecture, which is usually ineffective with adults. Your people will learn and apply new skills.


21st Century Leadership Institute

Our programs include:

Team Tuning

Dealing With the Certainty of Uncertainty

Faultless Facilitation

Relationship Building

Empowered Leadership

The Changing Role of Supervisors

Release Management as a Supervisory Style

Leading by Example

Team Empowerment

The Art of Coaching and Counseling


21st Century Leadership Institute


Skill enhancement can be delivered in the following areas:

Managing Conflict and Negative Thinking

Releasing Creativity

Effective Delegation and Follow Up

Effective Personal Management

How to Recognize and Reward Performance

Developing a Vision and Mission for the Future

Strategic Planning


21st Century Leadership Institute

We can help if...

Your people have had little leadership experience and training that has helped them to become more confident and effective in their various roles.

Previously attended seminars produced no real change in behavior or results.

Company leadership tends to push employee performance from behind, rather than modeling the way and pulling them forward.

Managers wait until review time to point out specific employee performance problems.


The 21st Century Leadership Institute can help.


Contact us at the:

21st Century Leadership Institute

Mike Marshall, Director of Training
Highway 64 East
Princeton, Indiana 47670




Gary Minor, Executive Director
2236 Oakleaf Drive
Franklin, Tennessee 37064




Gary Minor accepts an award of appreciation from the program chairperson for the Nashville ASTD (American Society of Training and Development).


Mike Marshall Addresses the National Meeting of the Exchange Club

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