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Truck Wreck 2001 Hopkinsville, Kentucky

The Story of the Wreck

It was the afternoon of July 10th, the sun was shining, and all was right with the world. I was sitting at a stop light on Highway 41 just outside of Hopkinsville, KY in my recently paid off pick up truck.

(This is when the ominous background music would start to get louder)

Unbeknownst to me a Nissan Sentra, containing an uninsured and unlicensed couple, was bearing down on me at 55+ miles per hour. Their attention must have been diverted to the Tostitos and salsa that they were eating at the time. They never saw me. I never saw them.

They slammed into the rear of my pickup truck without ever touching their brakes. The noise was similar to that of a shotgun going off in your ear. The back glass exploded as the bed of the truck was driven into the cab and my head and body was thrust backwards into the glass. My truck was launched about 100 feet down the road. Despite the fact that I was wearing a seat belt my body recoiled and my head struck the steering wheel. The padded wheel ripped a 3-inch, U-shaped, gash in my forehead and exposed my skull.

The truck was still traveling forward so I applied pressure to the brake and steered the truck off to the right hand side of the road. When I looked down blood was pouring into my lap. I put my hand over the gash to stop the bleeding. It then occurred to me that I had recently filled the truck with 20 gallons of gasoline. I decided to exit the vehicle. My door would not open so a slammed my shoulder against it. It took about 3-4 tries and then the door sprung open. I looked back to make sure no traffic was coming and went to get out. I realized that my seat belt was holding my in. I unclasped the belt and fell out of the vehicle. I got to my feet and staggered to the rear of the vehicle and knelt down on the side of the road.

I was kneeling down with my body upright, I had both hands on my head but the blood just kept coming out and was forming a fair sized puddle between my knees. A woman stopped her car and got out. She ran towards me and stopped about 8 feet in front of me. She just stood there looking me. Blood was coming out pretty fast so I said in a slow clear voice, "I need a towel or a shirt." She just stood and stared. I repeated my request, "I need a towel or a shirt to make a pressure bandage." She continued to stand and stare. I then yelled, "I need it NOW!" She returned to her car and brought me a small towel.

Most grateful I applied the towel to my head and applied pressure. This seemed to stop the blood from flowing out but the towel was soon soaked. Over the next few minutes many people stopped to help. I noticed that know one had gotten out of the car that had struck me. The first ambulance arrived on the scene and I waved them back to the other vehicle. Another ambulance and rescue unit arrived. As the put me on the backboard I noticed that they were cutting the doors and side of the other vehicle off to get to the driver.

I arrived at the hospital and they got the bleeding stopped. The couple that had struck me came in so they shoved me aside and began to work on them. I laid on the backboard from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. A nurse asked me who should be notified. I told her to call my Father and to tell him that my wife was at the county fair. I also told her not to scare the crap out of my Father when she spoke to him. She returned and said that she had indeed scared the crap out of them and they were on their way.

A CAT scan and full set of neck x-rays found no skull or vertebrae damage. They took the backboard out from under me and removed the neck brace. After a consultation concerning the fact that my skull was exposed and the membrane covering it was torn they decided to close me up. Following a painful injection of 16 C.c.s of Lidocaine they began to sew. The painkiller had little or no affect. So I felt every poke of the needle every pull of the thread. I realized how tough Rambo had been. 20 stitches later I was back together. They went to get Sharon and Jerry and brought them back to see me. I asked the nurse to cover up my head with the sheet to surprise them. He smartly refused.

I was released. I had a headache for about a week. My head and eyes swelled up and my neck stiffened up immensely.

I have been recovering. I have been going to Physical Therapy for my strained neck. I got my stitches removed on Friday the 20th. 

I did find and purchase a new truck.

I was going to remove the license plate but I could not find the back bumper.


These parts used to line up.


The car that hit me


I found my back bumper


This explains the broken glass in the back of my head


The frame seems to be bent


A little R & R




I have a headache


The new ride is a 1999 GMC Sonoma. 

It came with a payment book.


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