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Annual Meeting Niagara, New York

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No trip to the falls is complete without a voyage on the Maid of the Mist.

"I feel like an overweight smurf."


I really gotta pee.


Sharon demonstrates the fine art of drinking out of test tube.

(Note the excellent pinky extension)


States Party - Where men can finally wear palm frawns with pride.


Blind Photographer captures most of the Indiana Jaycees after a fine dinner at the Press Club.


Indiana's Chairwoman of the Board as developed an amazing ability to completely block out the sound of President Eric's voice.


From left to right: State President Eric Brown, Jaycee Jeopardy Finalist Ann Stenger and Unknown White Guy pose for a photo opportunity.


We almost have enough for a new member.


I am sorry sir these ones are counterfeit.


I'm telling you the falls are right around here somewhere.


USJCC Awards Committee - For the last time, "get off the stage..."


Jaycee Jeopardy Competitors - "Our heads feel like they are gonna bust open."


The bonus Jaycee Jeopardy question was, "What color was the upholstery in C.William. Brownfield's mom's car.


Friends and that Unknown White Guy enjoy dinner in the Minolta Tower.


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