Mike Marshall's Cyber Scrapbook

1999 Sharon's Kitchen In-Progress Remodeling

IT IS DONE! To see the completed kitchen CLICK HERE!

April 1, 1999

In the beginning we had Pine Cabinets, no dishwasher, no disposal, no class.


What a dump and this wall has to go.


Mike "The Toolman" Marshall prepares for war.


That wall is outta here....


Do you smell smoke....?


New Ceiling, Crown Molding, Wall Cabinets, Under Cabinet Lighting, A Gazillion Electrical Receptacles.


It kinda looks like the house I lived in during my college days.


I got circuits.... 5 Overhead Lights, Disposal, Microwave, Fridge, Dishwasher, 2 Outlet Circuits over 100 yards of wire.


We have appliances... Nice new floor and wallpaper.


Smooth Top Range, Glass Front Cabinets with interior lighting, and a 1,000 watt Microwave (that talks) Mostly it just screams, "FIRE!".


June 22, 1999 it is almost done.... Thank God!


To see the completed kitchen



Special Thanks goes out to:

Tim "The Chisel" Erny

Jason "Wrecking Ball" Bessenger

Jerry "Damn this is heavy" Ernst

Joyce "Paper Hanger" Brandt

Jerry "You got any beer" Marshall

Phyllis "The Stripper" Ernst


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