Local Presidents' Summit 1999

Dear Jaycee Leader,

Below you will find helpful links, sample Mission Statements and reprints of your group's "A Jaycee Story." We are currently working to put all the training programs that you received in Tulsa on the internet. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Best of success,

Mike Marshall, ITF

LP Summit Participant's Survey Results

LP Summit Reunion - Niagara Falls Annual Meeting



We are an association of young people ages 21-39 that creates tomorrows leaders through the use of community projects.

We are the premier leadership development organization for people ages 21-39 accomplishing this through project management, community service and friendship.

To become the organization of choice for young adults between the ages of 21 and 39 to grow as a person, citizen, and leader through leadership training and community service.

To be the ultimate young persons organization for improving the quality of life in our community while fostering fellowship and synergy in our members.

To provide a platform for young people to network, grow and develop leadership skills.

We are an organization of young people who provide the opportunity for leadership and learning through community service and team work.

To provide young people the opportunity and knowledge that allows them to succeed as individuals, leaders and as a community.

An organization that provides opportunities for fraternity, community service and individual development for young people between the ages of 21 to 39.

To create a better world, by empowering young people. Everything we do must encourage young people to become members and to take full advantage of our world class fellowship, community service, and leadership training opportunities."

Since 1921, the Grand Rapids Jaycees have been providing young people ages 21 to 39 the opportunity to expand their horizons of professional opportunities while providing service to the community.

The Yuma Jaycees instills life and leadership skills through real-time Community Involvement; Business Management; Personal and Public Growth and intense Social Interaction.

In an environment that fosters true friendship, we offer the best opportunities for community service and leadership development to young Americans, age 21-39.


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If you want to build a ship, then don’t drum up men to gather wood, give orders, and divide the work. Rather teach them to yearn for the far and endless sea. -- Antoine De Saint-Exupe’ry


It was a dark and stormy night. Our project chairman was on his way to set up for the latest and greatest CD project. While driving down the road he came across a bag filled with a million dollars. This discovery put a stop to his current journey, and set his mind racing in a million directions. He picked up cell phone and called his board members. The chapter treasurer passed out cold upon hearing the news.

The Chairman of the Board scheduled an emergency board meeting to determine what to do with the bag of money. After assembling at the local chapter house, they sat in awe, thinking of what to do with so much money.

After the president called the meeting to order, it was decided the best way to determine how to utilize the money was to have a brainstorming session. So the all gathered to see how many ideas they could come up with, while keeping in mind that the money was found a could possibly be claimed. They put a time limit on how long to wait and see if it was claimed or not. The CDVP mentioned they should turn in the money, as there may be a generous reward. But Manny, the MDVP, felt that since the major fundraiser was lost, the chapter should keep the money. "Finders Keepers - Losers Weepers, ya know."

But unfortunately, Manny fell out of his chair and hit his head on the table and fell unconscious and the group could think about the right thing to do. After disposing of Manny the group formed "Ground Rules" to help them with their decision. The CDVP thought they should purchase a clubhouse with the funds.

Undecided by their brainstorming, half of the group went home for a two-hour break to have sex with their husbands and/or wives. While taking a well-deserved break and vigorous exercise the president had a thought. The president reassembled the group and excitedly exclaimed that he/she had an idea.

The idea was as follows since we love to break for sex maybe we should spend the money on film making equipment. It was if the floodgates of information had been opened all at once, everyone began to speak at the same time. While the rowdy Jaycees the sex related chanting, Colleen grinned wickedly at Tony and began filling water balloons with syrup. Not wanting to get his clothes dirty, Tony began to get naked! Although, because syrup was all over the floor, Tony slipped, fell down and broke his leg, then the group returned to the discussion of what to do with the money.

The group sat cross-legged around a bonfire trying to come to consensus. Instead they decided to have an Indian pow-wow and pray to the rain gods, while having an I.D. course on making 'smores', still being naked.

Meanwhile, back in the woods, Manny was waking up and found that he was buried in a shallow grave. Manny was upset and decided to go find the rest of the group because he knew it was time to get naked! Then Billy got a black eye in the back of the room, where the Jaycees were conducting a New Member Orientation!

About that time Mike Marshall and Chris Reese stormed into the room and said, "Where's the beer nuts? We heard you guys found a million dollars and we wanted you to remember when you are making your, "To Make Donations To" list, that your national office is always working for you (wink wink). Manny took his clothes off and went to meet the rest of the group but was only able to find a group of HACKS!

The End!


It was a dark and stormy night. In Idaho it was raining. The streets were flooding. But, we were still having a great time. Why? Maybe it had something to do with the hotel bar. Since we were stuck the tab was open and unlimited. Then the paradox began with one story leading young Jaycees into a night of drinking, camaraderie, and fun, while those on the dark side sat on the tarmac, in the airplane, in the dark, reading 2 month old subscriptions of Sports Illustrated.

Suddenly, through the gloom, echoing off the thin hull of the standard plane came the chants of the multitude of drunk Jaycees here to rescue the stranded few. With applications in hand, our hero burst through the door and rescued all the passengers between 21 and 40.

So we all stayed on the plane, went to Cancun, and here's what happened there: We went to Senior Frog's to dance on the tables and slide into the lagoon. Jay Hanson was named most creative slider. In true Jaycees fashion, he was given a piece of wood for his award. So now he is Mr. Woody the Dancing Man. Although, Senior Frogs now require all patrons to wear clothes.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the calves are dropping like crazy. I felt like an outsider reading some strange romance novel, I started to get really excited… Nonetheless, I felt it was a good time to get out, and I retreated through the front lobby and out onto the street. Here I flagged down the taxi driver from hell, who had mag tires and cherry bomb mufflers (and spoke a language not heard on Earth for over two millenium) and was in a very bad mood doe the recent demise of his pet rock and I got in the back and we launched ourselves into the street. We held on for dear live as the cabby navigated the streets as if he was in the Daytona 500.

We crash landed through the screen of a drive in movie theatre to land on the pavement as in the "Back to the Future" movie. Moviegoers scattered like ants from an anthill trying to find a safe shelter. I stood in front of the huge screen and announced who I was and why I was here. "I am a Jaycee and I am here to recruit you because we are the greatest young peoples organization in the world. Our first Community Development project will be to fix this darn screen." The moviegoers were enthusiastic as this was there only movie theatre and as they milled about talking they discussed the other things in the town that needed fixing.

Everyone began brainstorming for resources and people to ask for help in each project they came up with. And so they formed a community task force to assess the needs of the community and helped find other people to join the task. And then they took action and began doing more things in town. The first project was a topless carwash, recommended by the Greensboro, NC Jaycee chapter. Through the national efforts of the Dallas Jaycees the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were enlisted and the project was on its way.

But, because of the drought in Texas, the cars had to be washed with a special slippery chemical gel found only in McAllen, Texas. Special gloves to apply this gel were made in Louisburg, NC by the Louisburg Area Jaycees, and were invented and marketed by a chapter member who went through the United States Junior Chamber Entrepreneurial program.



It was a dark and stormy night. And out of the foggy woods appeared a small child. The child was cold and hungry. So it was with great joy and celebration that the child, Tim, arrived at a beach where a wondrous picnic was spread out on a dock, warmed by the sun.

So little Timmy dove in and stuffed his face with salmonella infested chicken and botulism infected mayonnaise sandwiches, not realizing the dangers in the food he was eating. Within a few hours little Timmy became deathly ill! However, this is a far different situation than miles above him in "Space Defense Outpost-9, where Sergeant Jim Brickface awaited the inevitable. Because there was the Jaycee shield, National President Chris Reese and National Trainer Mike Marshall starring back at the Earth mumbling… "We need to set goals for our mission, the mission to… go where no leaders and trainers dare to go. It's a place where the trees are green and the flowers bloom, something similar to "Teletubby Land"! But in reality it looks like…

As I open my eyes and unclog my ears, sitting before me in a manner unimaginable until now… I saw an opportunity to change the world around me, through the Junior Chamber organization. Then I rolled over and it the snooze button but, there was no snooze button… there were just these thoughts running through my brain over and over and over again… The thoughts of rolling around in sawdust because it feels so good in my underwear.

But as I lay there in my underwear I became vaguely aware of spinning blade coming toward me. Alas, the haze cleared from my mind and I realized I was simply in a scene of a Jaycee Haunted House - or was it?

I awaken from this dream which began, "It was a dark and stormy night." I realize that I am President of the _______________ Jaycees and our chapter has the capability to make our community a better place to live - how will we best utilize our resources?

I quickly jump out of bed to record my thoughts, but alas, I have drawn a blank. I sit back and think… What if I contact the best core oil drillers, get to the center of the community and save it from all its problems. We could ensure that all elderly people have heat in the winter.

Just as suddenly the thought that heat in winter is an All-American right of all free people! First we'll heat the elderly, then the children, and then the animals until by golly the whole town will be toasty warm! I immediately pick up the phone and call my Community Development Vice-President to explain the idea and brainstorm with her so we can conference call some prospective project chairpeople. She wasn't home!


LP Summit Participant's Survey 1999

In order of importance to you and your members rank the following national priority projects. (1 being the highest and 6 being the lowest)

Number of First Place Votes

  • 40 Votes - Junior Chamber Mission Inn (JCMI)
  • 30 Votes - Entrepreneurs Program (JCCBA)
  • 18 Votes - Social Security Reform
  • 14 Votes - Jaycees Against Youth Smoking (JAYS)
  • 9 Votes - Shooting Education Program
  • 9 Votes - Outstanding Young Farmers (OYF)

Weighted Averages

  • .21% Junior Chamber Mission Inn (JCMI)
  • .19% Entrepreneurs Program (JCCBA)
  • .18% Jaycees Against Youth Smoking (JAYS)
  • .15% Social Security Reform
  • .13% Shooting Education Program
  • .12% Outstanding Young Farmers (OYF)

How often should the national organization change its national priority project?

  • 12 Votes - Each calendar year
  • 27 Votes - Every two years
  • 54 Votes - Every 3 to 5 years
  • 30 Votes - Five years and up

Who should determine the national priority project? (choose one)

  • 20 Votes -The Local Member
  • 41 Votes - The Local Chapter
  • 67 Votes - The State Presidents and National Executive Committee

The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce should focus the majority of its staff and financial resources on? (choose one)

  • 16 Votes - The Local Member
  • 50 Votes - The Local Chapter
  • 9 Votes - The State Organizations
  • 52 Votes - Public Relations

Which of the following statements best describes the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce? (choose one)

  • 3 Votes - Community Service Organization
  • 9 Votes - Leadership Training Organization
  • 74 Votes - Leadership Training through Community Service Organization
  • 39 Votes - Community Service Organization that Provides Leadership Training

Great Chapter Presidents are the cornerstone of our organization's success!

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