Mike Marshall's Cyber Scrapbook

Taylor Lin Attends the FTIA Picnic 2004


Helen, Taylor and Alyssa (Taylor's Friend) juicing it up the night before the picnic



Helen and Taylor playing in the hallway.  The last time they did this was in Japan 2001


Hotel security showed up and put an end to the hallway track meet.


Lily rests after sprinting down the hall for the 7 millionth time


Lily enjoys her pre-picnic breakfast


(Flashback Photo) Lily and Taylor in 2003


We have snacks, ants and a blanket - this must be the picnic.


The view from the far end of the food line


Mike and Taylor show off the latest picnic shirt.

This shirt will be coming soon to adoptionshirts.com


Everyone says that Taylor is so cute!


Run Dad Run!







2003      Hannah          2004








Lily and Taylor have their ups and downs.


Alyssa, Helen, Taylor, Hannah and Lily pose for the parting picnic snapshot.


We hope to see EVERYONE at the 2005 FTIA Picnic!


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