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My Goal for Every Speech and Seminar

I firmly believe in the adage "Learning has not taken place until behavior has changed." Each and every time I step in front of an audience my goal is create positive behavior change.  A successful presentation contains a message that is informative, user urgent and relevant.  Above all a successful presentation creates positive change.

The change that is desired is determined by various means. I ask questions, observe and listen to the person who is bringing me in and when possible do the same with the participants.

The desired behavior change may take many forms. Sometimes it is putting people in the right frame of mind at a seminar or retreat. The goal may be to encourage more of a desired behavior or encourage them to behave in a new more productive way.

A speech or seminar that does not cause a positive change in behavior is about as useful as a parachute that does not slow your descent.

My speech and seminar topics over they years have included Motivation, Inspiration, Patriotism, Commitment and Teamwork. I have extensive experience in motivating and working with volunteers.

I use humor to capture the attention of my audience and then I impart the desired message. I have spoken to people from all walks of life and backgrounds. I am comfortable speaking at casual company picnics,  formal banquets and anything in between.



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